A Whole Year…


I cannot believe it has been a year since the wonderful Matthew Vogt made my website! As you can see, I haven’t used my blog very much, but hopefully as you look through the pictures you can see the vast amount of opportunities I have had in 2010 to share my passion for photography with you. ┬áI want to thank all the people who have been such a huge support to me, who have hired and/or┬árecommended me, and stood behind me as I try to make my dream a reality. I couldn’t have done with without all of you…

So enjoy my pictures that have come from this last year!


Products and Prices


Just wanted to let everyone know that a list of offered products, packages, and prices will be posted soon! Until then, if there is a specific service you are interested in learning more about, feel free to contact me and I will email you with any information requested. Thanks for showing interest! Keep checking in for updates and new pictures!




Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my website! Thanks to Matt Vogt ( www.mattvogt.com) I have a wonderful way to share my passion for photography with you! Hope everyone enjoys the pictures and posts and checks in regularly to see what’s new! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. Explore and Enjoy!

Courtenay Rae